Set the Mood

There is something special about a scent - it influences our mood and transports us sensorally to far away places. Create an atmosphere at home and greet yourself with a glorious aroma every time you open the door.

Relax & Unwind
  1. LIGHT A CANDLE: Relax with a harmonious bouquet of ylang-ylang, jasmine and cardamom. Our Ylang-Ylang Candles will infuse the room with a peaceful aroma.
  2. RUN A BATH: A long warm soak will relax the senses and prepare you for bed. Try Sleep - Cedrus Bathing Infusion, or any of our bath soaks.


  1. LIGHT A CANDLE: Add a vivacious kick in the air with our Orange & Bergamot Candles, blended with zesty notes of bergamot, mandarin and lemon.
  2. TAKE A SHOWER: Kick-start your day with our award-winning Orange & Bergamot Body Wash for a revitalising experience.


  1. LIGHT A CANDLE: Create an intimate ambience at home with the inviting glow and sultry scents of Pink Pepperpod and Black Peppercorn Candles.
  2. RUN A BATH: Veil your skin with seductive aromas before a romantic date. Try our bestselling Pink Pepperpod and Black Peppercorn Body Washes.